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Do you describe them? Do you climb them? Do they fall on you? John answers the question…

Greetings from Riyadh

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Thrown to the Middle East on business, we discover Al-Farabi – philosopher and contemporary music group….

Hal David as a Lyricist: 5 Reasons to Love Him

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We return to Hal David…. and reflect on why he was so good.

New Music Friday: Biscuits and Gravy

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Biscuits and Gravy is a band from Boston, MA, with a majestical seven members including one ghost. The name will sound odd to anyone outside of America, so we’ll clarify…Read more

New Music Friday Recommendation: Ashes by Kyla La Grange

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Our Friday Music recommendation is to check out Ashes by Kyla La Grange.

Be-atletudes: Blessed are the Single Taskers

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Matt Blick takes us through why working on one song at a time may be better for the quality of the song.

The best 8 bars blues guitar solo from an Englishman…

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Keith likes it. Stanley likes it. Only 8 bars…

Paul Simon – Graceland Documentary

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A BBC documentary examines whether Graceland set back the clock of South African liberation, or brought it forward.

New Music Friday – Steph Barrak

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New Music Friday brings us Steph Barrak – Painted Face.

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