Things that Make You Go Ahhhhhhh

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Penquin Heels…

Milk vs. Beer….

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I giggled at this….

Parents of the Year: Choose Your Favourite

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A dozen photos to make you happy with your sweet mom…

Getting emotional about a tiger shark….

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Probably not top of your list of international causes, but spare a thought….

Russians and babushkas…

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From missiles to Kate – a 30 second exploration of the Russian Grandmother….


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I’ve travelled a lot lately… but haven’t had days like this….

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On my travel, for the record here’s the last three weeks:   Week of September 11, Moscow, Chicago, London.  Week of September 18th:   Denmark, London.  Week of September 25th:   Tokyo, London;…Read more

Grasshopper, morning, dew, shower….

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Why I love the internet, or the case of the grasshopper fetish leading to Kobayashi Issa’s 200 year old poem of love, of loss…

Wenlock’s Greatest Fan

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Wenlock is the much-maligned mascot of the 2012 Olympic games, and until yesterday I was definitely in the camp that thought the one-eyed, banana-backed freak with a headlight embedded in…Read more

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