Etch a Sketch Founder…. RIP

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Give a minute to one of the top 100 toys of all time….

Some medicine for Blue Monday…

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Two quick videos to help you with Blue Monday, set to New Order. Get Over It!

Happy Boxing Day…and the Birth of the Beatles

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After the walk comes the Triva. And you win…

A Great Day for Sound Engineers!

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We won’t see this for 100 years!

March of the Gladiators…

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The land ship is introduced to 20 million English folks through the power of silent film and circus music… Really?

“Best Use of Grass Ever”

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This blog will definitely help you confuse people.


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The company that filled my little tummy with processed food is no more… Say it ain’t so so that it’s no no for the ho ho. Jack Johnson provides the soundtrack…

The Fever….

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Three of his greatest songs, written in one night….

Lost socks….

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There are 10,000 double decker buses worth of socks lost each year? Being with someone increases the chances of losing a sock by 35 times! There’s a Japanese guy who gets over 200,000 views talking about his lost socks. And all this somehow is about Llyod Cole.

My Favourite Olympic Fact (I know I’m late!)

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Judo vs. Women’s Gymnastics? On one dimension we have a clear winner (and we get more Bliss Juggling!). And we link a guy names Bliss and Blas in the same blog. Clever?

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