Paul Simon – Graceland Documentary

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A BBC documentary examines whether Graceland set back the clock of South African liberation, or brought it forward.

Tati’s Journey, Part 2: Armpit Hair

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Today I experienced the highs and lows I often feel when I’m scooting around on the internet discovering the kind of cool people and things that just don’t give a…Read more

Sindy vs The World

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I am a self-proclaimed Barbie Girl. I still have my issues with the lady, but I have issues with all my friends, sometimes. I don’t like her pointy high-heel feet;…Read more

Five Lovely Pictures

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Combining a brief from Jimmy and flicking through the new music I nabbed from Rosie, here are five album covers I think are really cool. Angus and Julia Stone: A…Read more

TV Shows I Try To Watch

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Recently I’ve been watching a lot of telly as I attempt not to vomit everywhere.   The Vicar Of Dibley The fabulous Dawn French plays a happy, if lonely and…Read more

Charles Mingus Moanin’

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Here is a great song I discovered recently I hope you enjoy it ….  

Barbershop Quartets

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Here is a barbershop quartet singing about the Delta 502 plane that went missing in Philidelphia and its called Darkness on the delta…. And this final Accapella is tribute to…Read more

This ain’t right

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North Korean children (almost babies) playing the guitar – they’re freakishly awesome and the guitars look giant, you gotta see this..

Remixes and Sampling

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Sampling, the direct use of another musicians’ work in your own song. Is it justified? I would argue yes, of course. Any piece of creative work feeds off of all works that have come before it, whether consciously or not.

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