WWLATE #1 Toast Cooling…

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We love you.   But we do find some things particularly lovable.  This is my personal favourite. You cool toast more efficiently than any other people. I don’t know why. Most…Read more

WWLATE #2 No stop signs…

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Our second reason we love the Englihs

WWLATE # 3 Electricity

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We launch our series on why we love the English with a review of your love/hate relationsihp with Electricity.

Nag a Ram

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We explore the world of Anagrams and ultimately give you a nice little acoustic version of Something by George Harrison.

Clever Things

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In celebrating clever things, we start with how to protect a sandwich, but end with a conversation between your future self and past self.

Jimmy’s list of Top 6 Un-Cool Names for Very Cool Things…

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We’re not really sure what this blog is about, but it includes a never reported conversation betweeen Steve Jobs and the name of the i Pod and has pictures of scary toilets. So it must be about something….

The Best ‘Ad Libbed’ Best Lines in Movies

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From poker to farts defining the essence of love we take a look at ad-libbed moments in Cinema…

Top 5 Concert Videos of all Time?

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A long flight to Alaska forced us to read EW and that inspired us to give you the top 5 performances from Concert Films….

Smoking ban? Think about the music! Smoking Band is more like it.

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We give you a Top 10 song list of Songs About Smoking, featuring Tiny Team, Rufus Wainwright, Fiery Furnaces, Princess Chelsea and Arctic Monkeys. We’ll try to keep it a secret that we added Brownsville Station…

Five Lovely Pictures

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Combining a brief from Jimmy and flicking through the new music I nabbed from Rosie, here are five album covers I think are really cool. Angus and Julia Stone: A…Read more

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