Music from the oddest places…

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Reading The Last Days of Detroit and Mark Binelli refers to Vic Chestnutt.  Lovely singer-songwriter, no longer with us:

Four parts of heaven…

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listening in the Spanish sunshine to Marc and Bonnie doing a Van Morrison song…    

It’s London Marathon Day and Why I love Squeeze

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You’re watching the London Marathon… but listen to Squeeze. They passed the Great Song Test….

Lou Reed crashes into Lloyd Cole…

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What do Chinese History and Lloyd Cole have in common? Stop reading if you think this blog will answer such a dumb question.

Dutch Uncle’s Fester (Werkha Remix)

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I give you my parents’ equivalent of Elvis’s Hound Presley Dog.

Covers! Covers!

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Why I love Fox News….

Shane Diiorio Band “Another Rainy Day”

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When in Melbourne, find the blues….

History of Rap

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Something strange is happening to me – I’ve falling in love with Justin.  Why, lord, why?  

Down Under 2: Big Jet Plane

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Here’s who everyone is listening to down under (well, this was on when I bought a diet coke at a 7/11 equivalent…

If I Didn’t Know Better

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Looking for Tammy and found a nice little song…

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