An Olympic Logo a Day

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Under 2 minutes – wonderful procrastination all with an Olympic bent…

Dara, Driving and Me

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Learning to drive is not something that’s coming to me particularly easily. For example, last Saturday I stalled the car 16 times in 40 minutes, consistently used the windscreen wipers…Read more

Paul Simon – Graceland Documentary

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A BBC documentary examines whether Graceland set back the clock of South African liberation, or brought it forward.

Rosie and Tati’s Blog of the Week: Songs For My Daughter

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Songs For My Daughter Music and musings on things you’d really like your daughter to know so she can grow up empowered and ready to take on the world, aware…Read more

BA Fly Down Your Street

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BA indulge in a spot of clever advertising….

25 Handy Words that Simply Don’t Exist in English

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Simply put: Having recovered from Forelsket, I recognised her for what she was, nothing more than L’esprit de l’escalier, and now I wallow in my Kummerspeck.

Our closest allies….

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First the Killing the Borgen. Now humiliation for the US President. The latest from the Danes.

Barbershop Quartets

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Here is a barbershop quartet singing about the Delta 502 plane that went missing in Philidelphia and its called Darkness on the delta…. And this final Accapella is tribute to…Read more

Stop Making Sense Festival

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Now in a little fishing village in Croatia called Tisno there is an annual event, a music festival called Stop Making Sense. This festival though is no ordinary festival like…Read more

This is What Crazy Looks Like… Via Text

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It’s Leap Year – this is a warning that strange things can happen on dates….

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