Paper cuts…

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More fun from stumble upon…

Street Art Revisited… beyond Julian Beever

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60 Seconds Procrastination with a little Paolo and Street Art….

National Geographic Photos….

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More from Stumble Upon…

A Love Story for Easter Morning

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Even the 12 years stopped, watched and hugged a little tighter. A couple dozen Easter morning pictures for you…

‘Awwww of the Day’

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It’s just a dog. Just a picture of a dog.

Parity Brazil – Reflections…

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I think my favourite photograph.

The Chinese and signs….

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Having spent a month in China (and therefore losing my daily blog habit), I can make one observation.  There is a severe shortage of native English speakers to help the…Read more

Spring in busting out all over…at least in Hangzhou…

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The first sunny day of spring on the West Lake in Hangzhou…

…more street art from Julian Beever

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We haven’t bothered you since May 2012 about Julian. But he keeps drawing so we keep having to blog!

The most iconic photo from the blitz was taken today….

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Read more here…Click here.. And then listen:  

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