Coming to our studio soon….

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Not a bad use of 5 minutes…

Cope with where they voted fro the Pope – it’s dope.

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Well, so much for very bad alliteration with a little Will I AM mixed in… Long way to introduce you to a very cool way to see the Chapel where…Read more

Street Art Revisited… beyond Julian Beever

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60 Seconds Procrastination with a little Paolo and Street Art….

Procrastination: A Professional’s Guide

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30 seconds of procrastination…

Down Under 1: All you want to know about the Opera House

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Yes, I blog on this a lot.  I love the Sydney Opera House and move heaven and earth to get the perfect room at the Hyatt to look at it……Read more

James Stewart is VERY STONED…

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We have a formal for time travel. Houston, we have a formula for time travel.

Kathy’s Joke

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The 33rd best Moth Joke ever and a decent Santana song!

Why We Hate Ed’s Wife’s Sister.

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After a set of Blogs about why we like the English, we found an exception….


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The latest DIY commercial (yeah, right!) from Coke, which leads us to very various videos about Mousetrap (the game).

Oh, oh, oh, how I loved Stephen…

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Enjoy the greatest comedian you might have never heard about (advertised with the worst grammar)…

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