The 1000 club….A Baker’s Dozen Videos, 8 vocalists, 5 countries, 3 years…

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We decided the time was right to collect all our videos with over a thousand views into one place for your viewing pleasure….

Abubilla Goes On Holiday: Africa Oyé Festival

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This weekend a small band of Abubillans are heading up the long and winding road to Liverpool (see what I did there?) for the 20th anniversary of one of the…Read more

Balanced on the Jaws of Death

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An Image that perfectly captures our feelings about night time driving in Kenya. We offer a hyper link to our trip reports for Singing Wells….

Abubilla Music: Our History to Date

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For History Buffs, we do our best to tell you everything you never thought you’d need to know about the history of Abubilla Music

Singing Wells: A year in review

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We link you to the Singing Wells Site where we’ve compiled our favourite tribal music, recording and produced with our friends from Ketebul Music..

The Otacho All-Stars

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We’ll be bringing you the best of Singing Wells from time to time. Here’s one of the most fun groups we’ve recorded…

Africa – moments I got most jealous about

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A team from Singing Wells went to Africa for 16 days – as we have mentioned, to understand what it was about and read what they did – go…Read more

Abubilla Music in Africa

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Abubilla Music has wrapped up the Singing Wells Phase IV Trip to Africa. Read on for some of the highlights.

Samba Mapangala- Zanzibar

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The fantastic East African musician, Samba Mapangala, has just released the second video from his new album Maisha Ni Matamu (Life is Sweet). It is a beautiful video, exploring the…Read more

71 Hours to Monday, Global Remix

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We are extremely proud to introduce you to 71 Hours to Monday, Global Remix.  We think you will love it as much as we do.

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