How To Guide: Getting Started on WordPress (WordPress Tutorial)

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A little guide on how to blog on Word Press for anyone who is struggling..

Tip of the Week: Tidy Tunes

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Oh my goodness it has been a long time since we’ve been helpful, we promise to give you more tips. I thought I would blog about this now to help…Read more

Tip of the Week: The Digital Strategy

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In recent blog, I mentioned that we’re allowed to talk about business 11 minutes a week over pizza and each time cover three topics; the first was ‘The Great Doubling’ and the second topic is the ‘Digital Strategy’.

Tip of the Week: The Great Doubling (Business Tutorial)

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We are allowed 11 minutes over pizza each Saturday to talk about the ‘business’ end of things.  That is about right of time.    We tend to discuss three topics:   the…Read more

Tip of the Week: A little word on ‘discretionary energy’

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I bore myself silly and sometimes and those around me, with little comments about discretionary energy.  To save me and you a lot of time, in the future, I’ll just…Read more

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