Gus in the final for Open Mic UK!

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EXCITING NEWS Our discovery artist Gus Warriner has made it through to the area finals of the national singing competition Open Mic UK! Gus was our first ‘discovery artist’, Abubilla are…Read more

The 6th Video from the Half Moon – our Discovery Artist Chris covers Tickle Me Pink

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Last but not least, our third and final Discovery Artist Chris performs Tickle Me Pink at the Half Moon on September 16:  

Our 5th, count ’em, 5th video from the Half Moon. Gus performs Walking!

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Lastest from Half Moon gig on September 16

The 1000 club….A Baker’s Dozen Videos, 8 vocalists, 5 countries, 3 years…

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We decided the time was right to collect all our videos with over a thousand views into one place for your viewing pleasure….

2nd Half Moon video has arrived: Tati covering No Good Woman

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Greg had a busy weekend and you benefit – the second of what will be about 10 videos from our last gig….

Happy 1000th Blog!

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I got an email from Jimmy earlier saying that our 1000th blog is coming up and we should celebrate it. Having felt a lurch of panic and guilt because I…Read more

Tati’s Journey, Part 4: Vlog Attack

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On Friday I targeted my most delicious and cherished vloggers, and sent even more emails about B.I.G. Breasts. My thinking here was that if a blog mentions a song, or…Read more

Abubilla Goes On Holiday: Africa Oyé Festival

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This weekend a small band of Abubillans are heading up the long and winding road to Liverpool (see what I did there?) for the 20th anniversary of one of the…Read more

Fun with Jesus

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Yep. We’ve had fun with Jesus this week and for the record: he loved Chris’s video Jerusalem.

Abubilla Live: Report Back from the Half Moon

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This is your chance for a sneak peak at Abubilla Music, Live at the Half Moon. And we actually use the phrase, “They were laughing because Jesus broke his shaker mid way through Jerusalem.”

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