13.04.20 This Week in the Studio

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One of my favourite days in the studio and by far my best day at the bridge…

As God Is My Witness…

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We will figure out how to store some of our cables in the studio this way.  Please watch this space…

2013 Winter Jam: A quick report….

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We return from the 2013 Winter Jam a little sun burned, a little Bugled out… and with 6 nice little songs… all reworked in the Sunshine.

13.02.02 This Week in the Studio

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We’ve moved from a ‘home studio’ but the dogs still follow…

12.11.24 This Week in the Studio

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One of our last days in the Richmond Studio with new Assistants and our final panic before heading to Uganda.

A Quick Report from last night’s Half Moon gig….

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A few pictues, a few videos – and a very short report back from last night’s gig at the Half Moon. Videos of the night to follow…

8 Jolly Good Reasons to See Us at the Half Moon this Sunday….

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8 Jolly Good reasons to watch us this Sunday.

12.09.01 This Week in the Studio

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A very quick report back on a day in the studio as we get ready to launch Chris’s Discovery Album.

Big Old Bird… Revisited

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Oh, if we only had this picture of our BIG SINGLE, “Big Old Bird’…. Nice Photo Anyway

Happy 1000th Blog!

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I got an email from Jimmy earlier saying that our 1000th blog is coming up and we should celebrate it. Having felt a lurch of panic and guilt because I…Read more

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