13.10.12 This Week In The Studio

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Toby has his second visit to the studio and danced along to our new song, Reason to Be

It’s London Marathon Day and Why I love Squeeze

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You’re watching the London Marathon… but listen to Squeeze. They passed the Great Song Test….

13.04.20 This Week in the Studio

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One of my favourite days in the studio and by far my best day at the bridge…

Rodriguez and Jimmy in Melbourne – you’d think we’d meet? No!

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Missed Rodriguez in Melbourne but I find someone who didn’t who reports back. I suppose I’m just being bitchy but this made me bring up Web Van…

The Queen Mary II. Get the F%$k out of town….

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Hubris. Assaulted by the QM2. She won.

Dr. Benjamin S. Carson

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We’re asking a bit more on this one – 25 minutes to hear an amazing life story…

Joni and Graham and Love Songs…for Valentines Day…

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The next in our series: “musicians, love, and the resulting music…”. This time a Valentine Special.

A Day in the Office

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I bitch a lot about travelling – these you get mornings like these…

Kermit is to Talking Heads as Tacos are to the Sydney Opera House….

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These are a few of my favourite things…

12.11.11 Rememberance Day

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A pilot’s tale on rememberance day…

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