Many Short Never Mind The Buzzcocks Clips You Can Procrastinate With

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What it says in the title.  

My Drunk Kitchen Round Up (Another Funny Woman)

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My Drunk Kitchen is a series on this YouTube channel in which a woman called Hannah Hart gets very drunk and tries to cook. Simple, straight-forward, informative, pretty funny. Here…Read more

Wenlock’s Greatest Fan

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Wenlock is the much-maligned mascot of the 2012 Olympic games, and until yesterday I was definitely in the camp that thought the one-eyed, banana-backed freak with a headlight embedded in…Read more

Jenna Marbles Round Up Part 2: Life Lessons

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Just watch them and learn. White Girls At The Club If you’re reading this then you probably, at one point or another, have been a white girl at the club….Read more

Yes, Minister

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Yes Minister is a show from the 80s which follows a British Cabinet Minister in the Department of Administrative Affairs, Jim Hacker. The majority of the show consists of Jim’s…Read more

Jenna Marbles Round Up Part 1: Girls Are Funny

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Jenna Marbles is one of the most majestical ladies of YouTube. She has a Masters from Boston University, two strange and adorable dogs, a Spiderman poster, a turtle backpack, a…Read more

New Music Friday: Biscuits and Gravy

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Biscuits and Gravy is a band from Boston, MA, with a majestical seven members including one ghost. The name will sound odd to anyone outside of America, so we’ll clarify…Read more

Dance Lessons

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Fresh Prince of Bel Air is generally acknowledged as a bangin sitcom but I don’t feel it gets the recognition it deserves for the incredible dance moves it teaches us….Read more

Movies I Want To See (That You Should Want To See Too)

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BRAVE Badass Scottish ginger Pixar lady on magical quest to not get married.  The hair alone is a miracle of animation.   TED Classic girlfriend vs. roommate comedy in which…Read more

The Olympic Event of the Day

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I know that this is the day we’ll hopefully see Jessica Ennis and her unbelievable abs win a medal and probably learn a killer new dance move from Usain Bolt,…Read more

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