Fireworks Live at the Half Moon

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Fireworks live at the Half Moon – our fourth video. Watch this space for more…

R.I.P. Geoffrey Hughes

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We salute the Liverpool born actor, who died this week aged 68.

Cover Songs – make them interesting

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Cover versions – if you’re going to do them, make them your own. Or at least try…

Working with the music of our African friends… in Spain – part 1

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Andy takes Jovah’s Inyange and develops the musical accompaniment.

Mary Chapin Carpenter – Ashes and Roses

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Andy introduces us to Mary Chapin Carpenter

Where the Hell is Matt?

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Multi-nation dance video!

Get Yourself on the Radio – Amazing Tunes

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Getting your music on the radio, and into the minds and iPods of the listener.

Paul Simon – Graceland Documentary

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A BBC documentary examines whether Graceland set back the clock of South African liberation, or brought it forward.

Radar Music Videos

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Need a video for your single? Try Radar Music Videos

BA Fly Down Your Street

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BA indulge in a spot of clever advertising….

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