2012 Year in Review

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We released Chris’s album No One But Yourself and shuffled between our Richmond Studio our Spanish Jam and our Singing Wells trips to East Africa; a world of travels in this, our very special Olympic Year – filled with lots of GB Gold and AM Music Videos.

Father’s Day with an Extraordinary Woman

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We visit one square mile of earth, with white and yellow roses, where an amazing woman has buried her father, brother, brother and law and husband.

An extraordinary dilemma

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Greek crisis? Let me tell you about something far far worse. Still recovering.

Diner: Impact on Movies/TV, Impact on Music

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In this month’s issue, Vanity Fair talks about Diner’s impact on Movies – we go further, linking it to serial murders and modern lovers.

Abubilla Music: An Update Guide for Newbies

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Every once in a while someone asks one of us: “What is this Abubilla Music Thing?”. And every once in a while we try to answer.

Abubilla Music: Our History to Date

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For History Buffs, we do our best to tell you everything you never thought you’d need to know about the history of Abubilla Music

Mick Jagger, Philipp Kirkorov, Queen’s Jubillee, Jesus and Richmond Park

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(Question: What do these five things have in common?)

Abubilla Music in Africa

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Abubilla Music has wrapped up the Singing Wells Phase IV Trip to Africa. Read on for some of the highlights.

Magic Moments: Singing Wells Drums

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Have you wondered why it’s all gone a bit quiet at this website? The Answer Africa. Here’s a tease. Expect a lot more.

11.12.06 Travels with the Bone – Africa

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The Travels of the Bone Guitar ends with a wonderful trip to Uganda and Kenya.

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