Mafikizolo are back

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Group ‘Mafikizolo’ make a return with their new album ‘Reunited’ which contains an eclectic mix of sounds, and really grabbed the attention of both new and old audiences.


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Beyoncé is back.

Phil Everly, half of the Everly Brothers, dies

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Phillip Everly, of the Everly brothers, dies at the age of 74

Who we Listened to in 2013…

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A look back at the To Listen to in 2013 series…

2013 The Strange Year in Review

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We take a quick review of 2013 – a year of wonderful music, none of which you’ve heard yet… Be patient…

13.12.14 This Week in The Studio

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Another week working on Starin’ at my Shoes, with Sammy singing lead vocals

13.12.07 This Week In The Studio

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Who knew changing the batteries in a smoke alarm could be so damn hard….

Assistant/blogger/tea & coffee maker…

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What I have learned from my year at Abubilla…

Seriously cool art

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Wow. A very talented street artist…

People being stupid

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Come and have a good laugh at fools…

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