Song of the Moment: Footprints

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Footprints is a song about sunshine and happiness, sung by Michael, who refers to his love of misery and the angst of his lyrics – so seeing him sing of…Read more

Song of the Moment - Footprints

*** The 500th’ Blog ***: Time for a Best of…

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THIS IS THE 500TH BLOG.   500. Seems a good time to take a little ‘looksie’ at the best of our blogs and Moments… Stick to the end, because we…Read more

Immovable Thing: A New SMCC Video

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Hot on the heals of If I Were a Little Birdie, Mah Knees and Monkey Space Camp, we are very proud to deliver our second ClingFilms production – the Video…Read more

Monkey Space Camp: A New SMCC Video

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Okay, sometimes we are simply ridiculous.   This is one of those times.  But really fun video.

Song of the Moment: Big Old Bird

Written by

Big Old Bird by AbubillaMusic Read all the background to this song here

Spiralling – Free Album Download

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Spiralling As part of Abubilla’s commitment to promote the music of our artists, we have made Andy’s debut album available for free download in the Soundcloud player above. Click download…Read more

Brad and Janet’s Oldest Daughter Frankie (audio track)

Written by

Brad and Janet’s Oldest Daughter Frankie by AbubillaMusic

Invading London (audio track)

Written by

Invading London by AbubillaMusic

Box of Yellow Roses (audio track)

Written by

Box of Yellow Roses by AbubillaMusic

Roadside Comedy (audio track)

Written by

Roadside Comedy by AbubillaMusic

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