World Cup 2014 – Número um

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So, as the World Cup ended last Sunday, I thought it would be a good idea to revive that football spirit by putting together a World Cup playlist which will…Read more

My Top 10 Songs for Summer 2014!

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Hi everyone! Now that school’s finished and the summer holidays have begun for many, I thought it would be a great idea to make a summer playlist of some hit…Read more

14.05.17 This Week In the Studio

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The Abubilla assistants So the studio was open, and we all had a fairly early 10am start! The morning started off with Ogechi making a quick trip to the shops…Read more

Do You Wanna Play?

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So early this year, Olivia let you all know about a new and talented artist, Hannah Dorman. She’s a country-rock young singer who also writes her own songs. She’s launching…Read more

Weray Ent; Up-and-coming group

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So Weray Ent are a new, fresh afrobeats group. As you may or may not know, afrobeats is a new genre of music which is influenced by traditional African music,…Read more

The role of the village

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In East African culture, music tends to create unity and reinforce cohesion within societies. Music and dance are prevalent in all aspects of life for many tightly-knit villages. In Swahili, which…Read more

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