2013 The Strange Year in Review

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We take a quick review of 2013 – a year of wonderful music, none of which you’ve heard yet… Be patient…

Music from the oddest places…

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Reading The Last Days of Detroit and Mark Binelli refers to Vic Chestnutt.  Lovely singer-songwriter, no longer with us:

Four parts of heaven…

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listening in the Spanish sunshine to Marc and Bonnie doing a Van Morrison song…    

2013 Summer Spanish Jam: Report Back

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A quick report back from the Summer Jam. Wish you were here…

The Summer Spanish Jam Begins…

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13.06.08 This Week in the Studio

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8 hours, 24 notes, 1 baby and Martyn. Oh and Olivia’s big shoes.

13.06.01 This Week in the Studio

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Overdubs and Babies…

13.05.18 This Week in the Studio

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Quick update on today in the studio…

So God Made a Dog…

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One with Cheese. One about Bacon.

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