The Amazing Esperanza Spalding

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Now this new music sensation is the coolest new artist around. Firstly she has an afro!!!… Secondly she sings AND plays the double bass… Now obviously her music is also…Read more

Charles Mingus Moanin’

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Here is a great song I discovered recently I hope you enjoy it ….  

Narwhals Do Exist!!!

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I m here mainly on behalf of Tati to show to everyone that Narwhals, the unicorn of the sea does exist and here they are ….. And here is a little fact…Read more

Greatest Banjolele Solo

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Chris today showed me a song called Bring Back That Leroy Brown by Queen where half way through this video you have a small banjolele solo which lasts like 5…Read more

Cool Art by Francoise Nielly

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Instead of me just posting all the pictures here is the link to her website with her gallery

Success Baby

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Now here is picture which has now been turned into one of the funniest meme and I think deserves merit so I’m going to let the pictures speak for itself…….Read more

Barbershop Quartets

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Here is a barbershop quartet singing about the Delta 502 plane that went missing in Philidelphia and its called Darkness on the delta…. And this final Accapella is tribute to…Read more


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Now I know it isn’t quite summertime yet but with this weather I couldn’t help myself writing a blog about the song Summertime by George Gershwin from his Opera Porgy…Read more

Rhapsody In Blue by Gershwin

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I m not going to say anything and just let this song and cartoon speak for itself.

Gypsy Music

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Now here are some quick little examples of some of the different types of gypsy music and of some of its influences and some of the things it has come…Read more

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