True Love?

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Love is in the air, this image here is “irrefutable proof that the right woman can bring balance and stability in your life” It’s beuatiful! With the discovery  of this…Read more

David Choe’s reluctant $200 million

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The most expensive paint job ever..

French Paintings in the Simpsons…

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Writers for the show ‘The Simpsons’ appear to have had a lot of fun parodying famous French paintings within the cartoon..

Awkward Family Photos

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Nothing like an awkward family photo – January is a good time to look back on them.

Innocent Facebook Page

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Pictures discovered on the Innocent Facebook Page.. what a cool company.

Make Tunes not War

Reasons to stop hanging out with a friend No. 49

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As our continued public service, we are moving swiftly through the top 100 reasons to leave a friend; here’s 49.


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2Cellos – that’s all, doing Michael Jackson – have a look.

Lana Del Ray

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Newly on the scene American-born Lana Del Ray breaks UK with her own “Hollywood sadcore” – the kind of music you close your eyes to

Rudetube’s Best 2012

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Our favourite videos from Rudetube 2012

This ain’t right

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North Korean children (almost babies) playing the guitar – they’re freakishly awesome and the guitars look giant, you gotta see this..

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