Toby’s interest in music started as a young puppy when he chewed up Morgan’s recorder.    This continued into young adulthood, when he learned to ‘bark to a beat.’   

As an older dog he was delighted when Abubilla Music’s London studio was established in his home and has been an active member of the band:   1) he appears on many SMCC tracks, usually in the distant background as he barks on a key vocal take, 2) he brings in multiple rocks to various band members, especially Rob (the many puns around Toby being stoned, being a rocker, etc… have never grown old) and 3) he likes to put his mournful, always slightly soggy head on dry trousers and skirts whenever possible.

His peak musically must be his appearance on ‘Floating with You.’  His ‘yawn’ or ‘gettin’ up grown’ replaces the Slide Whistle in one of the verses!  

In addition to direct support of the band, he also mentors Lewie, our youngest canine band member.  As Toby moves quickly into old age, he is trying to pass off as much of his musical brilliance as possible.   With his guidance, Lewie has mastered the bark, and is beginning to appear on most tracks.  His little wet body frequently climbs on our laps.  But he’s not such a fan of stones, leaving us to wonder who will take over the ‘stoned’ jokes when Toby departs.

[Sadly, Toby chose to chase stones in the sky on March 28 2012 and is no longer with us.  Well, that is technically true, but the band can happily report that our instruments remain covered in his hair, we wil continue to find muddy stones in the studio through 2017 at least and little Lewie is barking for two to ensure our tracks are covered with the pet sounds that made us famous.  RIP Toby.]