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I’m a classically trained clarinettist, composer and songwriter. I write about daily life – my best music makes me laugh (it’s hard to be profound when you’re young). I play the clarinet in orchestras, the ukelele alone and the piano in secret. I’ve released an album, Graceless, with Abubilla, and I have an embarrassing youtube channel that is most popular with teenage girls in the Bible Belt. You can find that here:


I also tweet, irregularly, @TatiKalveks. Lots of tweets mean I’m feeling unfulfilled. When my days at Abubilla end, I will get my degree and become either a superstar musician or one of the Loose Women.



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Tati’s Journey, Part 11: Girls On Film

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As I am temporarily unavailable due to the return of the New Zealanders for the first time in seven years, I have decided to adopt Ellie as my stunt double. Not that I do a lot of stunts, but I believe she is in London while I am not, and she looks a bit like I did before I balded myself.

Here she is in the video for Tired Roar. Many people, including myself, have remarked on how confusingly like me she looks in clown make up.

Ellie is of that rare breed of actors who can fit any role. Here is some footage that eventually wasn’t used in the making of the above video, where we went for a more literal interpretation of the song:

And here she is in the up-and-coming sequel, Sleepy Woof.