Stephanie Bell


Steph’s musical life began early, knocking out the hits such as “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles” for successful shows like “Grandma’s Birthday Video 1989”. The video received mixed feedback from its critics:

Mum: “That was wonderful darling! Well done.”

Dad: “Is she in pain?”

Ever since, Steph has been struggling with the enthusiasm/talent imbalance that befalls most aspiring musicians, but struggling cheerfully nevertheless. Most of her youth was spent, happily, with other similarly nerdy band-campers on orchestral retreats, weekend sectional rehearsals and other places your parents send you to postpone puberty. Funnily enough (or perhaps not) it was on the York music scene that she met Soph, who introduced her to the world of Abubilla, whom she joined recently as its COO (Completely Orsum Officer), continuing the work of Lou and Jimmy in developing the label.

Steph plays/tortures others with a violin, and could once play all the James Bond theme tunes on one string.