Sophie Mackinder


Sophie is from Yorkshire stock (the rural kind). Being, what Soph herself calls a ‘brattish child’, her parents thought it wise to occupy the young girl and, at the age of 5, Sophie was presented with her first cello. Well, a converted viola, but the idea was the same. As Sophie is in the habit of naming her successive cellos, she fondly refers to this vio-cello as Cecily the first (although apparently they all had different names, usually Cecilia (Author’s note: patron saint of music)).

Since these early happy days, Sophie’s cellic (see what I did there?) abilities have grown (Note from Sophie: but not much. Peaked at age of 6). She has played with orchestras, quartets and quintets; from busking outside the Jorvik Viking Centre (made a mint, thanks very much to the queues) to rather more esteemed wedding gigs. Her current cello, Cecily, has been with her throughout all this, Sophie having acquired her at the tender age of 15, and has, again in Sophie’s own words ‘been my best (only?) friend’. Bless. Sadly, until recently, Cecily has been spending most of her time in the cupboard, but Abubilla is encouraging her out with kind words and a good tune.

Sophie met Louise while intrepidly exploring the wilds of Africa (they have the scars to prove it), and was asked to come along and make An Immovable Thing acoustic and lovely (as opposed to loud and brash). Since then, Jimmy and Ed have been working out ways of fully exploiting Cecily and her luscious body (Note from Cecily: am blushing).

Sophie’s next gig will be at her brother’s June wedding – a solo (there’s no piano in the church) in front of the bride and groom’s entire extended friends and family network, while the afore mentioned bride and groom sign the register. And does the prospect of such a moment send Soph into paroxysms of fear? Not at all…