Mikey Vu


Mikey spent much of his childhood studying classical violin, which he enjoyed (but didn’t love) until he discovered jazz and rock. Then, much to the disappointment of his parents, who wanted a Carnegie Hall kind of son, he bought an electric fiddle, joined a rock band and never looked back.

At university, Mikey joined an acapella rock vocal group, but quickly ran into problem—no singing skills. Trying to make the best of the situation, he managed to not get kicked out of the group when he stumbled across the art of beatboxing—drumming with his mouth.

With an extreme desire to get the music down on tape and a serious lack of funding for studio time, Mikey set up a recording studio in his dorm room, where he spent every waking moment learning how to wield multiband compressors and equalisers, instead of studying and attending class. While this led to 2 successful CD releases and recording awards aplenty, it also led to lots of failed classes, and continued disappontment of his parents.

Mikey was sought out randomly by Jimmy, because apparently, word of a beatboxer travels fast. He’s doing his best to ensure that Abubilla doesn’t somehow also disappoint his parents.