Louise Calf


When she was 16, Louise learnt 5 chords on the guitar. With those chords, she wrote her first 4 songs – now only to be found on long lost friends’ cassettes and MDs. At Bristol University, she played at the Fleece and Firkin, the Bunch of Grapes, at Wills Hall Summer Ball and in the student bar, the Epi. Never particularly proficient on the guitar, Louise has shied away from accompanying herself at gigs and has always sought musical support: perhaps that is why the SMCC suits her so perfectly.

Aged 12, Louise was obsessed with music from the Sixties and wishes that this was an influence in her work – perhaps the simple song-structures and sing-a-long-a-melody-lines recall those earlier years. But the main impact of The Best Sixties Album in the World Ever! was probably only on Louise’s eye make-up. Otherwise, she enjoys a good listen of Joni Mitchell’s Blue, some Omara Portuondo and Chopin’s Nocturnes. Right now she is listening to Fleet Foxes and Bat for Lashes.

Let Love Shine was written in her first year of Uni and still proves the most popular of her 5 song repertoire. The biggest compliment Louise ever received was: ‘I woke up with your song in my head this morning – you know, the one that goes ‘smile, la la la la la la’.

Louise was dragged along to Jimmy’s studio one day by her dad and was made to sing along to Sat Out the 15th. She got the job and now works part-time developing the label with Jimmy, as well as turning up on Saturdays to whinge about her vocals and demand less pizza, more potato wedges. Louise can’t perform on a post-lunch carb-crunch.

In Louise’s real life, she purports to be an actress, although that’s a pretty slow burn

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