Lew Allen


In a typical Abubilla pattern for our more ‘seasoned’ (old) musicians, Lew started playing guitar and writing songs in his teens, took a forty year break and returned to music as part of a general mid-life crisis . He is a keen blues guitarist and his band Red House won the California ‘Battle of the Bands’ in the sixties. He continued to perform in various groups along the West Coast and then retired from music to fly 747’s. He returned to music about 40 years later, starting as a collector of vintage blues guitars and moving back into performing. He joined the Saturday Morning Canasta Club for our Summer 2010 Jam, flying his 747 from Anchorage to Shanghai to Dubai to Zaragoza to join us. And then he jammed with us until his fingers bled, literally . The SMCC is always impressed with those that bleed for music and selected him as a 2010 Scholar in honour of his sweet minimalist blues licks, his wonderful song writing and ultimately for his commitment to music! Flew around the world to join us and left his DNA on every track. And you thought you knew the blues! Lew will become a regular at our Spanish Jams and is likely to sort out a 747 flight to join us in London occasionally.