Jimmy Allen


Jimmy was born in a city he has never been able to spell as long as he’s lived – Alberkerkie, New Mexico. His parents moved every two years and he mostly bounced back and forth between Southern California and Washington DC. Met his wife at 17 in Ohio, married her in Washington DC, moved with her to Boston, left for Moscow in 1991 with 6 duffle bags, and arrived in London 4 years later with three children. They’ve been here ever since raising three very English children, all of whom hate having a music studio that wakes them up every Saturday morning at 10.

He wrote his first song for his sister’s wedding at 10 years old and his second during an algebra class when he was 14. He scribbled a lot of songs down through his college years, mostly to procrastinate during study hours. He never learned to play an instrument or sing, but became a mad collector of all things music and was the classic mix tape/song-list maker of High Fidelity Fame. He then waited 29 years to write another song, or to be accurate, to finish “Sandy in the Sleeping Bag”.

His role in the band is to press buttons and order pizza. The latter duty he performs nearly flawlessly.