Imogen Commander


Imogen fell into music the same way she falls into everything she has ever done.

At the not-so-tender age of 22 she helped a friend by accepting the role of lead singer for a band called Spiderbaby. She hadn’t sung before but didn’t say no as they seemed like a cool group of guys to spend Saturday afternoons with. Spiderbaby toured dodgy venues from Brighton to Newcastle and released a single in 2006, ‘Lovebuzz’, which can still be found rattling round Youtube. Imogen mostly gained mild hypothermia from the lack of clothing she wore on stage and a sense of pride that she could pull off the Goth look, even though she was pretty happy deep inside.

Eventually Imogen’s passion for writing won over the singing lark and she parted ways with Spiderbaby in 2007. A month in New York followed, completing a playwriting residency at The Gershwin Hotel and a few professional productions of her short plays that she had written during her time at Birmingham University. In 2009 she was commissioned to complete a full length play, The Way Through the Woods, which ran for 3 weeks at the Pleasance, Islington.

Imogen finally gave in to Jimmy’s exhausting enthusiasm in early 2010 and now finds herself singing on random weekends for Abubilla. For Imogen, the dream will always be scribbling little stories in dog-eared notebooks but she always has a good time belting out a few songs for friends.

She never says no to a cup of tea.