Harriet Constable


I was born into a musical family.  With a mum who’s a classical singer, talented pianist and cellist, a brother who plays jazz piano and sax like a pro, and a dad learns songs by ear, loves jazz, loves blues and LOVES to ‘jam’, a lifetime of music was sort-of inevitable.

It started young – singing into video cameras in the living room with mum accompanying on the piano. I loved performing. I think I actually once went to a concert with her aged 5 and sort of took over, insisting I show the audience my latest rendition of ‘My Friend’s Orange With a Long Green Nose’ – a classic by any standard.  Things quickly progressed from there on – I tried cello for a while and then took up flute, playing until I reached grade 8.

My main passion, however, was always singing.  Singing, performing, and if possible with my limited pianist-abilities, playing at the same time.  I’ve composed a few pieces, but what I love most is hearing a great song, figuring it out on the piano and then playing it over, and over, and over again until I get to perform it.

I spent my weekends as a teenager at Italia Conti; singing, dancing and acting.  Determined to be a film actress!  That didn’t quite work out (I now work for a management consultancy), but that management consultancy turned out to be perfect for me.  Since I joined I’ve become a fully-fledged member of the Bain Band – performing to the 500 strong office at events – and have been ushered into the Abubilla studio by Jimmy’s enthusiasm and Ed’s persuasive skills.

Aside from my love of music, travel is my key passion.  I’m about to become a 23 year old who’s been to every continent.  I’m off to Antarctica on an expedition that is sure to change my life, and hopefully the lives of those around me that I can inspire and influence as a result of this incredible journey.