Chris Kozlowski


Chris is the latest addition to the Abubilla fold.

His nickname is Charlie, which came about when Mike spent a whole studio session calling him Charlie. So, he is either Chris or Charlie. He replies to both…..

Chris/Charlie started playing music at the age of 5, and went from recorder in a baroque to saxophone in a jazz band, then finally guitar, this took him through the stages of punk metal etc. Until one day he discovered acoustic and folk and started playing mandolin, bouzouki and banjo – anything with strings that could be strummed or plucked. He started writing songs and hasn’t looked back.


Chris has now moved to Leeds to begin a degree course at University. We hope to be able to grab some of his London based time in future to record some more of his songs.


His Discovery album – No One But Yourself is available on Abubilla Music now.