Charlotte Reed


In January 2010, Charlotte, aged 32, decided she needed something new and exciting in her life. She had always wanted to try singing, but never thought she was good enough. When she told her friends about her fears, they persuaded her to sing out loud to them in her living room so they could hear what her voice was like. Charlotte was pleasantly surprised by their positive reaction, and on their encouragement, she got in touch with a singing teacher and booked her first lesson.

Just two months later, Charlotte’s teacher said she was good enough to start recording tracks so that’s exactly what she did, and when she played the first one to her friends and family they were astounded. They could not believe it was her singing, and neither could she! Needless to say, she has now started to do gigs and to send her record around to various people in the music industry to see what they think. She is currently writing her own songs for her teacher to put music to, as well as going to other people’s gigs to hear different types of music and styles of singing.

Charlotte is so happy to now have singing in her life and would encourage anyone to have a go as you never know what your voice can do until you try!…