Camilla Bull


Camilla was born and bred on the Isle of Wight and certainly not from a musical family! She accidentally chose violin at age 6 and continued through the pain till age 16 when it was suggested (to her great relief) that her voice would be the main instrument for GCSE and A level music. She also had a secret plan to learn viola and piano to a reasonable standard in order to ensure that the violin never be called upon again. She was successful and has not touched her violin for nearly a decade. Having rushed through her singing grades with the guidance of a clarinet teacher, the conservatoire auditions (which was also an unexpected suggestion from aforementioned teacher) were certainly entertaining for all concerned! Luckily, Guildhall saw some potential in the country bumpkin and she began her vocal education and moved to London. Discovering opera was another unexpected turn but the demand for drama alongside exceptional vocal technique excites her greatly. And so she has embarked upon the long, long road to an operatic career. She is looking forward to wearing a Viking Horned Hat!

She fell into Abubilla Music after meeting Jimmy while moonlighting as a receptionist at his health club. During one of his extremely rare visits, they had a conversation about music, Jimmy found out Camilla was an opera singer and said with straight face: we have been searching for an opera singer for years and invited her to the studio. Camilla reports that it fills her with glee to branch out of her vocal comfort zone and sing into a can (this is our VERY expensive vocal shield) with smelly pets are her feet. Camilla features hugely on the Global Version of 71 Hours to Monday and will appear more and more on future SMCC songs as we branch out to do covers of the world’s best opera songs. !!