The Abubilla Music Foundation is our charitable wing, which we use to support inspirational music projects from around the world – projects which actively preserve and promote a community’s cultural music heritage while also discovering and nurturing new, emerging talent. In a fast paced world, it’s easy for the origins of music to be lost or forgotten. The Abubilla Music Foundation
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The Singing Wells Project


Project location: East Africa
Project timing: Launched March 2011

Singing Wells is a project with the preservation of East Africa’s music heritage at its very heart.  While working on this project we will be supporting Ketebul Music in Nairobi as they embark on a mission to record traditional East African music in villages throughout the region. The team from Abubilla Music will be providing advice and expertise for the Ketebul Music sound engineers while they travel throughout the region undertaking field recordings. The Abubilla Music Foundation is helping to provide financial support for essential equipment and services which Ketebul Music needs to make sure the project achieves its objectives.


For more information on our work with the Singing Wells project please contact Victoria Denison at

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Meninos do Morumbi


Meninos de MorumbiProject location: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Project timing: Starting January 2011

First and foremost Meninos do Morumbi is a band, albeit a huge one. When you talk to its founder, Flavio Pimenta, he makes clear that everyday he is nurturing the ‘soul of the band’, made up of 100’s of kids that need to learn how to make their way on their own in the world. But this Sao Paolo organisation is far more; it gives children and teenagers an alternative to street life by teaching them drumming, singing and dance, plus providing them with traditional schooling.

Our work with Meninos do Morumbi will start with funding from the Abubilla Music Foundation to help them develop their website and digital marketing capabilities. We have worked closely with technicians in Brazil to populate the site with content, and thus ensure that valuable time with the band is not taken away from Flavio or his immediate team.

For more information on our work with Meninos do Morumbi, please visit our blog or contact Luciana Lacerda at


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