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So Weray Ent are a new, fresh afrobeats group. As you may or may not know, afrobeats is a new genre of music which is influenced by traditional African music, hi-life music and western music. The name ‘Weray’ comes from the Nigerian language Yoruba, and it means ‘crazy’ which for them encapsulates their personalities which they show through their music.


Although I say new, they’ve been around since the 2012 (which is relatively young in the music business) and they released their first debut single ‘Skankulu’ in the summer of that year. They’re currently an independent group despite having a brief stint with Virgin Records in 2013. The group consists of three young men, Awhy-O, Obi Ten and Gogo who are determined to make a stamp on the afrobeats music scene.

Their music as described by Gogo is “versatile  and dynamic” which they’ve showed immensely in their various singles. Among their songs, is their newest release ‘Do As I Say’ which is accompanied by a great video directed by Obi Ten. The video, in which 1/3 of the trio (Awhy-O) stars, was released only a few days ago on 11/4/14 and has already raked in thousands of views from fans. The single is available to be downloaded NOW on iTunes.

Having grown up in rural Nigeria and being surrounded by music in his early upbringing, group member Gogo feels that “Pioneers for African music like Fela, Tony Oneweek, 2Face, Arabanko have really paved the way for artists such as himself as they took African music to an international level which we aim to do one day”.

At the end of last year, they took the afrobeats world by storm when they released the first UK afrobeats cypher which featured other artists such as Tribal Magz, Vibe Squad and Skob which released major radioplay for months on stations such as ChoiceFM (now known as CapitalXtra).

Below are their other singles Masquerade and Hammer. For more updates on the trio’s progress, have a look at their website where they regularly post photos, music and give out details of upcoming gigs and performances.

Wishing them the best of luck in the future!

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