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If you haven’t bought it already, which is unlikely since it shot to number 1 and sold 1.3million copies in just 17 days in the US with NO promotion whatsoever, GO AND BUY IT RIGHT NOW. You may not necessarily be a Beyoncé fan (if so, er, why?), but this visual album is really worth a purchase. 14 songs and 17 visuals for £12.99 and it’ll be the best £12.99 you’ve spent.

Yes, Beyoncé is gorgeous and an out-of-this-world singer and dancer, but this album spreads beyond the music and says something like her albums before generally haven’t. She has received various criticisms for this album, but its clear to see that Beyoncé is simply trying to express what it is like to be a grown woman and sometimes those conflicting personalities – mother, wife, artist – can be confusing and seemingly contradictory. It is precisely the contradiction which makes this album right, because it is true.


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