14.03.15 This Week In the Studio

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The day started with the greatest problem we continue to face at the Abubilla Studios… Changing the batteries in the fire alarm! Olivia had a go, thinking that she had seen how Mike and Andy managed it, and she could do the same…

How wrong she was…


So we sent Martin up the ladder. He got the job done.





The Abubilla Assistants

Ogechi and Olivia teamed up to create an instrument museum in the Abubilla studio. We have accumulated quite a collection of traditional East African instruments that thus far have acted as just, if very nice, decoration in the studio! So, the assistants set about photographing, coordinating, organising and labelling the instruments, in the hope of not only giving the instruments the prestigious viewing platform they deserve but also to show others what we are lucky to have in our studio (and also so we know what we have…)


photo 4-4


Jimmy gave us a super quick run down of where we collected each instrument from…



photo 3-4


Then Olivia and Ogechi went about photographing them. They both gained very big muscles from the day: Olivia from holding up VERY heavy studio lights and Ogechi from lugging all the instruments about.





Then Ogechi had a go at playing some of the instruments, whilst Olivia looked through all the Singing Wells field reports┬áto match the instrument to the group or song we recorded. A blog over on Singing Wells will be up soon, cataloguing all our instruments… For now, here is a little sneak peak from our shots…



(click to enlarge)


The Music

This week we worked on all songs from our fifth album…

photo 2-4


Ed did some over dubs for a couple of songs…




We also focussed on the over dubs from African musicians in Kenya and Sammy redid his vocals for Starin’ At My Shoes.



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