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So far we’ve had a bit of everything in our playlist for 2013 but now I think it’s time for a bit of hip hop and rap. Giggs, born Nathaniel Thompson, has released his third album this year – even though it hasn’t been an easy ride. Despite a false imprisonment and the police cancelling gigs and CD signings, the album has reached 21st on the UK album charts and received really great reviews.

The album includes tracks  which are his typical signature style, albeit very polished, such as Is it Gangsta?, but he also develops himself as an artist further on this album. For example, Play It Loud features Ed Sheeran and is a lot softer and accessible than his usual stuff.

The deluxe edition features three extra tracks – my favourite of which is the last, Monsta Man, which was actually on his 2011 mixtape Take Your Hats Off.


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