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Ooooh Brazilian Blues. Marisa Monte is a Brazilian ‘pop’ singer, however, on listening to her records, I can definitely hear a mix of musical styles in there. It’s a jazzy, blues, ballad-y sound, which just makes her even better because I keep clicking and listening and hearing new aspects to her music. Folk music has also come to mind. This would definitely be an artist for the Brazilian voice! 

And to be honest I could quite happily just sit outside in the sun all day and listen.

Monte was originally trained as an opera singer, and her perfect vocals demonstrate her natural skill.

‘Ainda Bem’ means ‘Just as Well’ and is a beautiful song about a love story; who doesn’t love a good ol’ love song (Taylor Swift fan right here) But Monte’s got a very obvious mature tone.

‘Amor, I Love You’ is a cute video, I can almost imagine the song in a musical- with the ooohing in the background!

I think ‘Diariamente'(which means ‘daily’) is my favourite one of Monte’s songs. I love the video and how it’s all been drawn out and is so innocent. Love it love it. And it ends how it starts! Full circle in a song about a daily routine – how practical as well as lovely to listen to ehh

Marisa Monte come to England and play at Secret Garden Party Festival!



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