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When looking into Canadian bands, I realised there were a lot out there that I didn’t actually realise were Canadian… Nickelback and Arcade Fire, to name a few. So, with Canada clearly being the home of some great (who doesn’t love Nickelback?) musicians, I thought I’d scan the 2013 Canadian Music Fest, which happened a couple of months ago now, for some up and coming Canadian bands to bring to your attention.

And I came across the really cool band called Suuns. After doing a little more research, I realised they were crowned with NME’s Best New Band of 2011, so I knew I must be onto something good. Their latest album ‘Images de Futur’ is cool, dark and something like listening to music through heavy fog…

A fog which I very much like. Minimalistic, plodding indie rock with slurring vocals which are very much part of the music, this band is super cool and well worth a listen. A little different from the Canadian bands I previously mentioned, this band was formed in 2006 by vocalist/guitarist Ben Shemie and guitarist/bassist Joe Yarmush and signed to Secretly Canadian in 2011. Currently touring, you are very much in luck if you are reading this in the UK as they will be performing here on July 1st.



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