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She had no money, no family and was sixteen in the middle of Miami.

With that introduction, you must have been out of the country for a few months not to know who I’m talking about… For those not in the know, it is Iggy Azalea. For the Voice of Australia blog it would be a little silly if it didn’t feature this girl, because, right now she is the musical voice of Australia.

This video was the catalyst that really started Iggy’s career after it went viral. From her first mix tape, Ignorant Art, her career has gone from strength to strength, with the release of a free EP called Glory and her latest mixtape TrapGold. With trap beats and bouncy, strong lyrics, Iggy asserts herself as a serious female rapper on TrapGold. However, her lyrics prove to be slightly 1-D, pretty void of personal emotional experience – something which is key in the hip hop industry. Download it for yourself on her website.

Perhaps a more emotional level to her music – because she clearly has a lot to say, just check out any interview on Youtube of her – will be found on her upcoming album. Work, the first release from the album, has autobiographical lyrics so who knows what will be on the rest of her album… I for one can’t wait to hear!


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