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Haim finally released its much anticipated album Days are Gone on September 30th and it’s already number 1 on the UK album charts; certainly a well deserved place, as these hilarious and very talent girls have managed to stick to what they do best and appeal to both the mass-pop-music fans and the festival-rocker-fans, gained at their numerous festival appearances this Summer. The reviews, though slightly critical of the over-production and sugary-sweetness, are overall good. They got 8/10 from NME, 4/5 from the Guardian, 7/10 from Clash and 4/5 from Digitalspy.

NME says “Haim are a rock band who’ve made one of the best pop albums you’ll hear all year.”, insinuating they’ve slightly let down those fans that fell in love with their rocky performances and “big sister Este’s ‘bass face'”. And although every artist’s album has a bit of studio glossing, Haim’s does seem to have a little more gloss than most: but I don’t think this is to their detriment. They set out to be a combination of 80s, rock, 90s RnB and folk and their slick album truly incorporates all of these genres in equal measure (perhaps with a bit of RnB missing), whereas their live performances are a bit more rock. And let’s be honest, even Rihanna live is a bit more rock than her usual sound.

Aside from the well known favourite of Falling and The Wire, the album has a lot of highlights; every song could be a hit in its own right. One of my absolute favourites is My Song 5, even though it is describes as “the musical equivalent of morris dancers on a rampage” and a “snag” in an otherwise smooth album, I think the change of pace and moody tone comes a perfect time to give a little grit in the middle of the album.

Otherwise, the album is perfectly as expect and fulfilling. A very strong debut album from these girls that are offering something quite different in music right now, and everyone is loving!

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