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Being a waitress at one point in your life means that you will forever see the world of fine dining in a different light. Whenever you eat out at a restaurant, you notice much more about the service, you feel bad for the waiting staff because you know their cheeks hurt and they’ve probably been standing up for 5 hours, and you know they’re probably slightly drunk, because.. they just are. Hell, I tend to stack all the plates up once everyones finished just to make her job easier, because I’ve been there.

It is quite fun whizzing in and out of the kitchen and making up words to describe certains wines to go with certain cheeses, however sometimes things can go badly wrong. For example, when waitressing at Petesham Nurseries I accidentally smashed a jar of crystalised rose petals (that we put into the prosecco glasses for people when they arrive for lunch – a bit silly and pointless really). Doesn’t sound that bad, but because of the smashed glass shards they were contaminated and unusable… turns out these jars are about £90 each. Sorryyy!

I have compiled the best videos of such incidents..

and this was a favourite:

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