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Time Magazine has released it’s wrap up of the 50 best websites for 2012 — click here.    Here’s five things I learned:

5.  They Like Howcast, which is basically you tube for ‘how to videos.’   I learned how to download music on my kindle – click here.

4. If This Then That:  they like a cool little website that lets you use single key strokes for a set of actions that you do routinely.   I will try to use it over the next couple days, but looks cool.  Click here.

3.  They like Pitchfork, a very good website for Indie Music:  click here.

2. Devour and the Science of Procrastination.  They love Devour, which gives you 15 new videos a day, hand picked and good.   A good time saver, since even watching 5 of the 15 eats a half hour.  My favourite is the Science of Procrastination, a topic we cover a lot here.  Interestingly, their solution, to divide work into intervals is a trick tought to me in a study group about 30 years ago.  I divide my day into 15 minute increments with ‘breaks’ scattered and an ability to take a break if I finish something earlier than the 15 minute dead line.  Anyway, fun video:

1.  Atari Arcade.  It is important that you watch the procrastination video before going here, because at Atari Arcade you have the full collection of all Atari Games…for free…ready to play…on your computer….now.  Asteroids.   Centipede.  Pong.  They are all there.  I apologise.  Call work.  Pull a sickie.  Enjoy:  click here.

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