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Having recounted the many adventures Rosie and I had at Africa Oye, I am now going to tell you about the things we heard.

We heard The Endless Journey.

The Endless Journey are a nomadic group from Niger. They’re all acclaimed musicians; Malam Mamane Barka is the last master of the Biram, a harp-like instrument he’s attempting to save from obscurity. Their set was totes groovy, and singer Bammo Angonla has a fascinating knack for singing without moving his face. I can’t find any videos of them online, but I can offer you videos of Etran Finatawa and Mamane Barka, the musical matrimony of whom makes up The Endless Journey.


We heard Dele Sosimi.

Dele Sosimi is totally righteous. He’s got the funk. His bands all have banging names like the Positive Force band, and his Afrobeat Orchestra. His style is a blend of funk, Nigerian tradition, African percussion and jazz. Bodacious.

 We heard Yaaba Funk.


Yaaba Funk are a UK based band who can introduce themselves far better here than I am likely to, as I am currently distracted by my desire for lunch, although it’s only 11.20, and I try not to have lunch before 11.30. Today I’m going to have spicy chicken soup and a salad. I am slowly coming round to the idea that salad can be (half) a meal, and also isn’t always awful.


We heard hippies chatting.

Well now I’m just being silly.

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