The Song Path: Sell your CDs at your gigs

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This may sound very obvious, but take CDs to every gig you do. And mention that you have some.

You don’t have to sing about your CD in every song, and mention it in the intro to every song, but it is good to let people know what you have.

And be prepared to give them a good deal – chances are, that if they’re coming to see you play – then they already know that the CDs are available, so make them Buy One Get One Free or give a sticker away with the album. Try to make it special for the audience, and they will return the favour.


Here’s our Hannah manning or ‘womanning’ the merchandise desk in between sets at the Half Moon in Putney.








Even if you only sell one CD – that is one more than you would if you’d just shouted ‘You can get it on iTunes’.

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