The 1000 club….A Baker’s Dozen Videos, 8 vocalists, 5 countries, 3 years…

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For a little humble label, the first thousand is the hardest (we’ll tell you later about the first 10,000).  Here’s the few and the proud members of the 1,000 club, featuring 8 separate lead vocals, 5 different countries (UK, Brazil, Uganda, Spain, Kenya), 3 dfferent years… We hope a couple minutes with these dear friends will give you a better sense what we’re all about…

1. Boys of Summer, a Cover by Andy Patterson, with 5,400 views, video by Greg Barnes of Cling Films.

2. Gus Warriner, Whisper, with4.400 views, video by Greg.


3.  71 Hours to Monday, with Saturday Morning Canasta CLub and Ketebul Music (2,500 views), featuring Winyo and Makadem and Lousie Calf, video by Greg.

4. Nyerere Wa Konde Music Club, one of the Singing Wells Field Recordings, 2,100 Views, video by Andy Patterson

5. Tiny Moses, Celebrating the Batwa, featuring Ketebul Musicians, 2,300 Views, video by Andy


6. BIG Breasts by Tati Kalveks, 1500 views, video by Hunter Allen

7. King Henry’s Tears, Saturday Morning Canasta club, 1500 views, video by Greg, bass by Sophie

8. Mah Knees, with the Saturday Morning Canasta Club,  video by Hunter, 1500 views

9. Cut my Hair, featuring Chris Kozlowski, with Sammy, Hannah and Mike also on vocals  at 1,300 views

10. Roadside Comedy, featuring Jimmy on vocals with 1,200 views, video by Greg and Helen

11. . The Knife Will Come, featuring Louise Calf on Vocal, with 1,200 views, with video by Nataasha (RIP)

12. Tired Roar, by Tati, Video by Hunter, filmed in Paris.  1,300 views.

13.  Wisconsin, SMCC, Video by Greg, 1000.  The little rascal just made it today!  It was suffering from FOMO and wanted to be part of the club.

Watch this space… 3 more videos are at 900 and will join the club any moment.  Don’t hestitate to help



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